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The Ohana TK-100BJU is a tenor size closed-back banjo ukulele that comes with an 8” Remo Weather King Head, providing the ease of playing a uke with the distinctive sound of the banjo. Banjo ukes are usually crisp and loud and the Ohana Banjolele is no exception!


Ohana Banjolele Design


This tenor size banjolele features a flat closed Mahogany back that gives it a clear and bright sound with great projection. The key to a banjo’s individual sound is the head, which is why the 8” Remo Weather King Head is secured with 12 tension hooks to ensure proper head tension and tone quality.

The TK-100BJU has the string set-up of a standard ukulele, but the tenor 17″ scale allows for new tuning possibilities! Aside from the standard ukulele tuning, GCEA, and low G, it supports the standard tenor banjo tuning of CGDA (mostly used for jazz) and the standard Irish tenor tuning of GDAE (same as the mandolin but an octave below). With quality hardware, Aquila strings, a 8-1/2” remo weather king banjo head and gloss finish, you’ll appreciate the attention to detail on this hybrid instrument.


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