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We offer several options when it comes to getting rid of your unwanted items, as well as providing valuations for insurance and other purposes

Trade in's

Depending on what you have to trade, we can usually work out a trade for you.


We sell gear on consignment basis for a commission. We structure our commission depending on the total price we're listing the item for (see below). A short time after your item has sold we give you your cut of the sale price by direct bank deposit. Please contact us before bringing in your item, to ensure we have sufficient shop space. Also, be sure to give your item a good clean beforehand, to give it the best possible chance of selling.

Consignment Structure:

$0-$1999 25% commission 

$2000-$4999 20% commission

$5000+ 15% commission

Cash Trades

We don't just sell instruments, we also buy them! If you have unwanted items and we may be able to take them off your hands. Contact us us before bringing in your item to ensure it's something we can help with.




*Please Note: for all Cash Trades, Consignment and Trade In's we are required to collect one or more forms of identification. Consignment items listed before 18/8/19 will remain at the old commission structure.

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