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 The Lil Guy is designed to give you the most of your signal in the least amount of space. We gave it 40dB of volume with a buffered output and true bypass. Its a flexible tool that gives you the most of what you want without compromising your tone.


The Controls:

Fully counter-clockwise is a buffered unity gain.

Fully clock-wise is 40dB of volume to do with whatever you wish. Just use it responsibly. Or don't. I'm just a website, man.


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  • Stacks FX is a boutique effects company located in Long Beach, CA.

    Co-Founded by Miguel A. Vasquez and Brian Frederick.

    All designs are imagined, bread boarded, laid out in Eagle, and revised by Miguel A Vasquez.

    Our PCB's are manufactured by Osh Park in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

    PCB's populated, soldered, wired, and tested by Miguel Vasquez and Brian Frederick in Long Beach, CA.

    Enclosures powder coated and drilled by Mammoth Electronics in Norman, Oklahoma.

    Artwork by David Van Patten, designed for Stacks FX. 

    Enclosures Silk Screened by Matthew Gierisch in Long Beach, CA.


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