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To this day, no one which tried this super-micro 50W guitar amp can believe the volume and classic sound quality that it is able to give thanks to its innovative design in a such small package.
The DV MICRO 50 features two channels* with very user-friendly and effective controlson-board reverbXLR Line Out plus a headphone output and an a handy mini-plug aux in jack for connecting an MP3 player to mix with your sound so you can practice anywhere and anytime you like.

*On channel 2 we included a convenient onboard overdrive pedal circuit, with more controls than a simple pedal, with complete EQ, gain and master controls, they work in addition to the clean channel controls.
Its Input Special circuit is the result of several test with the most popular effects, it’s designed to perfectly interface with all the effects most used by guitarists. 

If ever an amp was made for pedals, this is it!



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  • Power output: 50W @ 8ohm / 60W @ 4ohm

    Preamp: Solid State

    Power Amp: MPT (Mark Proprietary Technology) 

    Channels: two (clean / lead)


    Controls (clean ch): Level / EQ: bass-mid-high

    Controls (lead ch): Level / Drive / EQ: bass-high

    Effect: Reverb


    Speaker outputs: 4 ohms minimum load 


    Other features

    Footswitch input for channels switch 

    AUX IN
    Headphone OUT
    XLR Line OUT with GND Lift 

    Dual Voltage selector 120V/240V*

    *(not available on the 100V version manufactured for Japan)

    Dimensions (W/H/D):
    7.87" / 20 cm | 2.75" / 7 cm | 8.7" / 22.1 cm 

    Weight: 4.19 lbs / 1.9 Kg




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