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All Berry Pedals are made in Wollongong NSW, Australia by Aaron Berry.


From Aaron -


"The Two Tone is a project I’ve been working on for 2-3 months and I’m stoked to finally have it out in the world.

It consists of 4 individual circuits that can be switched on and off independently via their foot switches.

The left ‘green’ side is a Green Russian Muff. The Green Russian has this huuuge low end grit that I’m sure most of you are aware of. I have used 2N5088 transistors with original Russian KD512A diodes to try and nail the circuit as best as I can. Comes with the stock Volume, Gain and Tone knobs as usual.

The right ‘yellow’ side is a Black Russian Muff. This side is a little more crunchy and ‘distortion’ like compared to the green. I have used BC549C transistors with the original KD522B diodes. Both sides are similar but also pretty different in terms of where the grit lies- if that makes sense!

The ‘Octave’ circuit is a classic Green Ringer with a ‘blend’ mod called ‘Wave’. All the way counter clockwise is a full blend of the octave and will result in the most prominent octave sounds. As you turn it clockwise it will take out the octave sound so you can use it with the fuzz in different ways- you can still play chords without it being too crazy and then go up above your 12th fret for some weird octave toanz. The octave is most prominent on your neck pickup above the 12th fret- similar to many analog up effects.

The ‘EQ’ is a basic 3 band EQ that you can set ‘pre’ or ‘post’ fuzz via the toggle switch down below. This results in different frequencies being affected via the EQ before or after hitting the fuzz circuits. Both ‘Tone’ knobs from the fuzz circuits are still active whilst the EQ is on.

All circuits are stackable with one another and can result in some cool sounds! The order is:

(EQ)>Octave>Black Russian>Green Russian>(EQ)."


(9v power supply not included)




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