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All Berry Pedals are made in Wollongong NSW, Australia by Aaron Berry. 


From Aaron - 


"The ‘Ranger’ is a high gain silicon fuzz that takes elements of a silicon tone bender/big muff- with some small tweaks.

I wanted to make a high gain fuzz pedal that could cover a lot of ground and be tightened up when it needed to be.

The ‘Ranger’ features 4 knobs- with ‘fuzz’ and ‘volume’ being pretty self explanatory.

The ‘tone’ knob works differently to other pedals as when you turn it up, you’ll boost the mids and cut some highs/lows. When you turn it down, you’ll cut the mids and boost the low/higher frequencies.

The ‘body’ knob adds or cuts low end. When it’s turned up, you’ll cut the low end- this is useful for tightening up the pedal when palm muting, or playing faster riffs that need more clarity. When turning this knob down you’ll add lows, leading to a sludgy low end.

I’ve also added a different taper pot for the fuzz control- leading to a more even sweep throughout.

Both of these knobs interact a lot with one another so get turning!"


(9v power supply not included)





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