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Originally introduced as a limited run in 2015, the Les Paul CM became an instant hit among guitar enthusiasts. Its popularity led Gibson to extend its production into 2016. With its subtle and stripped-back design, this Les Paul is a true rock machine built to dominate the stage.

Featuring a beautifully contoured body and a smooth worn satin finish, the Les Paul CM offers exceptional playability without breaking the bank. Don't let its single pickup configuration fool you; this guitar boasts surprising versatility. Dialing back the tone and volume knobs unveils warm tones reminiscent of a neck pickup, while cranking them up delivers the powerful and aggressive sound you'd expect from a hot bridge pickup.

In addition to its impressive tone, the Les Paul CM is equipped with solid hardware for reliable performance. Gibson's intonated stoptailpiece ensures excellent intonation stability, while the traditional-style machine heads offer easy and reliable tuning, so you can focus on rocking out without worrying about your instrument. Get ready to unleash your inner rockstar with the Les Paul CM! 


FINISH/BODY: Good, has been gigged.

FRETS: 75%

WEIGHT: 3.9 - 4.1 Kg

HARDWARE: Original.

NECK/TRUSS ROD: Straight/Working.

PICKUPS: Original.


CASE: Gibson Case


YEAR: 2013

OTHER: Includes original paperwork and tags.


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