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The 1975 Martin D-35S is a highly sought-after guitar due to its unique specifications and rarity in the market. Unlike the more common 14-fret dreadnoughts of that era, the D-35S stands out with its 12-fret construction. This distinctive feature allows for the bridge to be positioned slightly farther back, resulting in enhanced volume and projection.

Crafted with a three-piece Indian rosewood back and sides, and a spruce top, this guitar offers a rich and resonant tone. The three-piece back design contributes to increased compression and a robust bass response, setting it apart from other dreadnought models.

This particular D-35S has been further enhanced with the installation of a passive pickup, enabling amplified performances, and Schaller machine heads, ensuring precise and reliable tuning.

Despite its age, the guitar exhibits remarkable cleanliness and has been well-maintained. However, it does show signs of use, including playwear and dings, as well as the expected weather checking—a natural result of aging. Additionally, there is some mild binding shrinkage at the back of the guitar, adding character to its appearance.

Included with the guitar is its original blue case, further adding to its collectibility and authenticity.

1975 MARTIN D-35S

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