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The pickups and pots are original and the frets are in good shape with a few minor dents in the first three. There is no buzz or fretting out all the way up the neck, it plays beatifully. The finish has a few green oxidised spots and the back has alot of buckle rash. The tuners were replaced with period correct Grover Tulip Tops, it stays in tune well and has that magic mini humbucker - brighter tone. 


A previous owner had the neck shaved down a bit and re-lacquered so its nice and slim. The finish on the neck is not sticky so if you have smaller hands and/or like to play with you're thumb over the bottom strings this Les will be perfect.


It weighs 9lb10 ounces and has been set up and the electronics checked. Pots date CTS Feb '74

Comes with the original chainsaw case. A good dependable players deluxe that looks, plays and sounds lovely and that doesn't weigh too much. 


CONDITION: Fair, some scratches, dings- has been well played.


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