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The Epiphone 'Howard Roberts Custom' guitar is a rare gem with a fascinating history. It's the very model that enabled Howard Roberts to craft his distinct and innovative sound, solidifying his status as one of America's most imaginative musicians. Rooted in the tradition of jazz, Roberts was a sought-after sideman for top recording artists, and this guitar embodies that legacy with its explorative, unpretentious, and vibrant sound.


From an original Epiphone Advert:


“The sound of Howard Roberts and his Epiphone guitar is the unique and inventive sound of one of America's most creative musicians. Steeped in the traditional jazz idiom and a first-call sideman for dozens of top recording stars, Howard has forged a new, completely different sound of his own that is explorative yet unpretentious--fiery and hard-swinging, but creative. And underscoring every note is the earthy honesty of the artist himself. For all his solo and studio work and for his own Capitol recordings, Howard plays Epiphone, a guitar that guarantees him superb sensitivity, excellent response and a beautifully dependable performance every time!”



Condition Report by Pires Crocker






  • Original Kluson tuners/ bushes/ screws
  • Truss-rod cover & screws original.
  • Binding on head-stock/ finger-board all secure
  • Re-fretted & new bone nut fitted, frets have been trued by me
  • Impressed serial # matches label # 307746
  • 7 ply neck w/ no cracks - truss-rod works well after a little lubricant added by me
  • Lacquer touch-up's at neck/ body joint. Heel cap reglued
  • Pearl inlays all intact on ebony fretboard
  • Flower/ vine inlay has small lacquer chips on pearl otherwise all secure




  • Carved spruce top has small crack at waist/ bass- side. Glued by me
  • Small dent in top w/ little touch-up -from case lid-latch strike
  • Top bracing is all secure
  • No cracks in sides near input jack
  • Pressed ply back has 3 small fissures in top laminate
  • Original walnut finish has normal checking and fine crazing front & back/ sides very clean
  • Evidence of over-spray near neck heel due to touch-up noted earlier
  • All body binding secure w/ no cracks
  • Original big paper label on inside of back


Electrics & hardware:


  • Original 'Johnny Smith mini-bucker & mount screws/ plastic tube on lead original
  • Original pots & input . Jack in sealed shielding cans/ nuts & washers replaced w/ gold plated parts
  • Ground wire original to tailpiece
  • Original brown/ gold-numeral knobs fitted. Unusual colour but stock on this model!
  • Nickel plated tail-piece & screws original/ no cracks at hinge/ strap-pin added by me
  • Original white-bound celluloid pick-guard & bracket/ screws . No gassing-fog evident
  • Original nickel plated ABR-1 bridge w/ nylon saddles/ set screws/ t-wheels & posts all there
  • Original ebony bridge base w/ pearl inlaid feet.. Top edge shaved by me for lower action


Supplied in modern Epiphone case


$7,295.00 Regular Price
$7,060.00Sale Price

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