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The Batman


Awarded First Place


Awarded Standard of Excellence


Sydney Royal Easter Show 2013, Musical Instrument Predominately Made in Wood.



Constructed entirely from Australian Native timbers, The Batman is an Art Deco inspired acoustic guitar created with super hero flair. It’s a bold and strong Jumbo sized guitar that is unique. I don’t make batches or multiples of guitars. I make on offs. No two look or sound the same. And The Batman is no exception. With over 300 hours going into creating this beautiful and detailed guitar.

The body is constructed from Quilted QLD Maple, with a Celery Top Soundboard giving it solid grounding in its warm tone. The Fretboard, bridge and peg head are made are carved to represent the shaping styles of Deco. The string pins, fret markers, Nut and Saddle, machine handles, heal cap and logo are all done in Bakelite, straight from the 60’s. It took months to find that Bakelite to custom make all those parts for the guitar. The string pins, and both face and edge fret markers also have an extra detail of brass inlayed into them.


With the Rosette and back inlay I used some really traditional veneer techniques such as ‘sand shading’ were the veneer is burnt to give the image depth. You cut and fit the inlay together. Take each section apart and burn it in hot sand to create the depth of the inlay. 

The Batman has a French Polished finish. I used a chemically treated shellac to polish it with, that will take a lot more abuse than a traditional Shellac  without compromising on the depth and beauty of the timber.




    Celery Top Pine


    Quilted QLD Maple


    Quilted QLD Maple


    Quilted QLD Maple


    QLD Walnut, Silky Oak


    QLD Walnut, Silky Oak, Leatherwood


    Leatherwood,  Cheesewood, QLD Walnut, Silky Oak



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