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All Berry Pedals are made in Wollongong NSW, Australia by Aaron Berry. 


From Aaron - 


"The Marigold is a dual overdrive/distortion pedal with a switchable order via a toggle switch.

On the left hand side we have a Dumble/Timmy style overdrive. This is great for a low/medium crunch and doesn’t colour your amp’s clean tone too much- it does add just a touch of mids in my opinion!

On the ride hand side we have a circuit based on a pedal that seems to fall to the wayside WAY too much…the classic Ibanez SD-9. This is a lighter gain ‘distortion’- I say this because it gets no where near a rat or other modern distortion pedals- but has more gain than most OD’s. I think this is why it works perfectly in a dual pedal setup such as this one.

I have made some modifications on the original circuit to make it more useful. First off I have added a ‘mids’ switch to control scooping (stock), flattening or boosting the mids- this is really useful when wanting to cut through a mix, or getting some different sounds in the studio! I have also added a recovery stage at the end of the circuit to compensate for the stock tone stack which can be a little lossy, and can have a slight volume issue.

The switch in the middle of the foot switches will switch the order of the effects- either having the OD>Distortion or the Distortion>OD. Both have their different flavours and react differently to one another. I really do like stacking the OD into the Distortion though…"


(9v power supply not included)





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