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All Berry Pedals are made in Wollongong NSW, Australia by Aaron Berry.


From Aaron -


"The B&E is a collaboration between myself and Elliott's Guitars. Nick and I have been talking about doing a pedal exclusively for some time now and I’m stoked it’s finally out!


The B&E is essentially a CE-2 at heart with some small modifications to make it a little more flexible. We wanted to make a pedal that was quite minimal and didn’t have a bazillion controls like some of my other designs do.


The Depth and Speed knobs work as per the original design. The Mix knob controls how much dry/modulated signal is output. All the way counter clockwise will be fully dry- in the middle is your standard chorus and all the way clockwise cuts out the dry leaving a faux vibrato sound.


The ‘limit’ footswitch is a small but useful mod which limits the speed in two different modes. When the LED is green it’s limited to a slower speed range- when it’s red it’s capable of achieving faster speeds. This is useful for playing live when you really don’t have the chance to bend down and change rates- the chorus is definitely more prominent when at faster rates."


(9v power supply not included)




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